Zoom Appointment – Buyer and Seller

 Zoom Appointment

Buyer and Seller


Phillip Johnson Group agents have been doing Zoom buyer and seller presentations even before the COVID virus. Zoom is an extremely efficient way to cover your real estate options. It lets us come up with a plan of action, and get precise information all while saving you time. The video I’ve created quickly shows you how useful a Zoom can be. In the time it takes to get into a car and drive to an office you could’ve already completed and thorough Zoom consultation. At eXp Realty, we’re already adapted to the cloud environment with our first of its kind eXp World campus so Zoom is a piece of cake. Go to Calendly and set up an appointment.

Zoom is used as just a preliminary consultation and by no means to replace the live on-site showings or listing appointments. It does help reduce much of the minutiae as it relates to the home buying and selling process.

Providing a complete and effective meeting is our top priority. Please note I don’t have any time blocked so I might have to come back to request a different day/time.