Triangle MLS Collab Center is the BEST way to find your Dream Home before someone else!

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Triangle MLS Client Connect(Now called Collab Center) is the best way to beat your competition for your Dream Home. TMLS stands for "Triangle Multiple Listing Service". TMLS is the main source where all Triangle area residential listings are activated. The video below is a great start resource on how easy the Client Connect works for you. While I like my IDX on this site, the benefits Triangle MLS Client Connect offers is hard to match for any site. Go to my contact page to sign up with me(please provide some criteria to follow) or arrange a text/call me at (919)868-3171 to set you up!

How to get started?
  • As with any kind of investment and especially such a large asset I would recommend you contact a lender first(I have top notch lenders I can refer you and they're real advantages to using my lenders). Get yourself pre-approved so you know what you can afford and how much up-front cost you'll need to pay the lender. It's also key to be approved so the lender can provide you an approval letter. A pre-qual letter is fine, but in a competitive housing market, a PRE-APPROVAL is almost a requirement with multiple offers. If you're not ready to do that just yet, it's ok...That's not a requirement - Just a suggestion. I have several TOP NOTCH LENDERS.
  • You must find a professional real estate agent that's a member of the Triangle MLS to provide the Triangle MLS Client Connect. I would suggest you also make sure they are a member of the local Board of Realtors. actual Realtor®. Any member of TMLS can set you up. Remember...just because a person has a real estate license, doesn't mean they're a member of the local MLS or a Realtor®. You should understand the benefits of hiring a full time Realtor®.
  • Provide your agent with a detailed search criteria, as specific as you need to ensure accuracy and to help limit undesirable listings from flooding your page.
  • The criteria can be anything the system can search for but you want to make sure you don't add "requirements" that might keep you from finding your dream home, or something you could possibly add later or negotiate into the deal, like a fence and even a finished bonus room(home could have unfinished space or room not listed in MLS). A good real estate expert can guide you through this process.
Who should use Client Connect?
  • Any potential buyer or maybe a homeowner that would like to stay informed about their area. The system can update you on specific subdivisions.
How does it work and why use it?
  • Ties directly to your email with auto-notification messages giving you real-time notice when something is activated or price is reduced! This isn't an's not a 3rd party notification. Do you think there's an advantage getting that timely notification, while your broker is out in the field or in a closing? Triangle MLS Client Connect is the most reliable. How can it not be?
  • Your page will have customized links and more.
  • Connect allows you to categorize listing results to Favorite, Possible and Rejected! 
  • It enables you to create searches and edit existing searches.
  • The system allows you to comment directly back to your agent on any listing.
  • It offers thumbnail views with an interactive map, such as satellite views or topography!
  • It provides vertical detail and full-detail views.
  • Reliability! It's from the TMLS! Not 3rd party IDX! How many times have you found a home on unmentioned sites and it's for rent! Or has been sold a year ago!
  • It has ALL ACTIVE LISTINGS that are activated in MLS! Understand...some agencies have opted out of sharing listings to other 3rd party IDX systems.
  • You can request immediate notification or daily, weekly or no updates. Depends on your urgency.
  • It will help keep your agent up-to-date because they get the notification when you receive it. Four eyes are better than two!
If you're a serious buyer, in my opinion, by not having this service is a mistake. I'm not going to trash online IDX websites but to me, it's common sense. Whether you're working with my group or another agent, you should expect to be put into this system, even if you like to use other IDX's to search on your on. The market is HOT and your competition is PROBABLY USING THE SYSTEM unless they haven't hired an agent or has an agent that is not providing best service possible. Sign up with us, we'll set you up into MLS system and outside of a few questions back and forth to ensure accuracy, you'll be "connected" quickly. Contact us by filling out the contact page and provide housing requirements or request an appointment. Of course call me directly at 919-404-7469 by text anytime. Here's a video on how the Triangle MLS Client Connect works.

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