PJG VIP Corp+Club Card

For business registration to participate in my FREE business incentive program (see below). PLEASE BE PREPARED TO UPLOAD A LOGO OR EMAIL US ONE and provide an incentive to participate. I will also promote your business in many different ways utilizing my Social Media following.

Friends get a Free Card or App Link!

To receive a free PJG VIP Corp+ Club Card/App fill out this form. All we ask is to like my business page on Facebook. By following our Facebook page you’ll see updates on who has joined our VIP Vendor network plus other promotions and giveaways. Also you will know when we are having our SOCIAL MEDIA GIVEAWAYS!

Once our business page has been liked we will email you the code and a link to download the app. We ask you to be a Triangle area resident or at least consider moving to NC. I’m constantly adding new Businesses that will be announced on my personal and business Facebook Page.

Local Resturants – Food Trucks – Contractors – Movers – Vendors – National Businesses


  • An address is requested in case we need to mail a physical card. Your information will not be shared.
  • You may be called to ensure you're a real person.
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Business Registration

Thank you for your interest in our Corporate+Club card/app! There are many reasons to join the PJG VIP card/app as a vendor. The number one reason to join is that I don’t charge ANYONE for the VIP card. So it’s free advertisement for you, introducing you to potentially NEW MEMBERS of our community and often affluent homeowners. By partnering with national brands the card/app may be used more often than other incentive cards. PJG will be promoting the participating businesses through social media, while also adding you to my Homekeepr app if you are in the Housing Industry. My Group will give away cards through our SOI, social media, Open Houses, random meetings and network events. Please fill out the form to participate. We will vet your business and determine if it’s suitable for this card/app and offers adequate savings to our participants.

Vendor VIP Card Signup

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    Email to PJGLeads@gmail.com if you're having a problem loading.
  • Brick and Mortar Locations Only - If there are more than 3 locations to please email addresses to Phillip@PhillipJohnson.com or add in "Deal Information" Section
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