eXp Realty Career

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eXp Realty Career – The Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage® |  178% Growth in 2016 | eXp Realty eXplained

There are NOW 0ver 5,000 Agents at eXp Realty! This company offers the ability for you to leverage the eXp brand with yours whether you’re an individual, team, brokerage or commercial agent.


Commission Split/Monthly Fees
  • MONTHLY Fee is only $50! No desk or franchise fees.
  • 80/20 Split until you reach Cap at $16,000(paid to eXp Realty) then 100%. So once you’ve grossed $80,000 in commissions you go to 100% with a small transaction fee of $250.00.
  • Transaction fee drops to $75 once you’ve reached 20 post cap transactions! 
  • Every Transaction you pay $30 in E&O insurance($500 Max)
  • Every Transaction you pay $25 for Broker review
  • 3 Free Personal Transactions with only $250 Fee + BIC and E&O

Note: Icons agents receive $16,000 back in stock

– Icon status agents must complete 20 transactions
after cap(~30+ a year) and do a few simple tasks ie, go to two eXp events and be on a panel or teach a class.
-Married couples cap are treated the same as ONE PERSON(if you choose that option)
-Team Members cap is 8k, and gets same tech support (website)
Sign up fee/Annual Fee(remember monthly fee is only $50)
  • $420 annual tech fee on 1st transaction – 100 shares(currently) back to you in stock
  • $99 first month joining fee(one time) for setup

Stock BENEFITS(based on 8/1/2017)

  • 175 shares when you cap(Full Cap Only)
  • 175 for each person you sign up(Including team members)
  • 75 shares on 1st transaction annually(Including team members)
  • Optional 5% stock purchase on each sale at 20% discount(All Agents are eligible)
  • Icon earns $16,000 back in stock!!!


-The amount in stocks awarded will change as more agents become owners. Stock Symbol EXPI

Revenue Share
Go to Calculator and see for yourself. Simply put modest numbers in and see what you get.
This isn’t a “profit center share” or “in office only” recruiting model, or high fee large commission break model like my former company, this is a revenue share business model. Recruit any agent from US and Canada(soon the World) and earn potentially 7 levels deep!
***** Leave your revenue stream to your heirs!!!!***** 
Example: You sponsor 15 agents(in USA and Canada) that sell a modest 10 homes on average at 2.5% with price point of $250,000($62,500 income). Then you help them recruit only 2 people each with the same production. Your revenue is $107,800! Not counting stock!

eXp Realty World Cloud Campus! Collaborate with eXperts all around the country with LIVE 25+ Hours of Training, Learning, and Sharing! 

 Other Benefits Included in your Fees
  • Regus White Card Office Program – Over 50% of Fortune 500 Companies use Regus Office Suites! Sell a home to your office building network of professionals!
  • Personal Branding! Easy Signage Approval! Varies from State to State
  • Highly rated and expensive Kunversion website with built-in IDX, backend lead capture CRM system!
  • Commissions Inc and Kunversion CRM/Rainmaker are part of your Monthly fee! SEE VIDEOS BELOW! 
  • Skyslope Cloud Transaction Room with Zipforms and Digi Sign integration for storing and managing Docs easily.
  • Bring your entire team and start off immediately with a strong downline on 1 level!
  • If you’re already CAPPED at another brokerage, you’ll be start off capped at eXp!
  • 1000 Biz Cards
  • Free Listhub Syndication for all your properties.
  • National Directory and company generated leads.
  • Leverage with national Cloud company quickly adapting to the high-tech demands of the industry.
  • Allowing small independent Brokers and their team support  and expansion through sponsoring others
  • Direct deposit of your revenue share get your commission check directly from an attorney!

Guests are invited to attend an eXp eXplained Presentation is every Wednesday and Friday at 10 am PT/1pm ET. PLEASE CONTACT ME AND LET ME KNOW YOU’RE ATTENDING. Guest should log in at least 15 minutes prior to ensure technical challenges can be resolved. Go here for the Virtual Campus eXperience

Before you go away let me further eXplain why I partnered with eXp Realty…