COMING SOON LISTING ALERTS FROM TRIANGLE MLS will be sent to you as they're entered in MLS! Stay up-to-date and be prepared when your favorite neighborhood has a NEW home hitting the market. There are currently 100's "Coming Soon" Listings in our Triangle MLS! Scroll down to the bottom if you'd like to fully understand how Coming Soon Alerts work in the Triangle MLS. 

The first thing all buyers and sellers should understand is "Working with Agents" or Agency in NC. 

10 Reasons Coming Soon Alerts Provide an Advantage to Buyers and Sellers


1)  Simply put...Knowing a New Listing is “Coming Soon” in Raleigh and Triangle area before it’s activated is clearly better than NOT having a clue...right? There are currently almost 500 homes listed as No Showings in our TMLS!

2)  NO NATIONAL REAL ESTATE WEBSITES HAVE AUTOMATED COMING SOON ALERTS FROM THE TMLS! Zillow allows Coming Soon, but they must be added manually. 

3)  Some agents have their own websites, web pages or social media promotion for their Coming Soon Listings but not all of them! Our “Alerts” have those listings PLUS ALL of the others entered into TMLS in our Coming Soon Alerts!

4)  With our service, you will receive detailed Coming Soon Alerts just like any regular search. We also can include Active and New Listing Alerts on properties in the same search if you request. Be as specific as you need!

5)  Coming Soon Alerts allow time for you to prepare for a quick offer by getting an early start on a strategy with your Buyers Agent, a Lender (pre-approval Letter), getting proof of funds together, comps, limited due diligence (not inspections) and researching the area schools or crime rates before it’s ACTIVE. Even if it's just a five-day notice you have an advantage with Coming Soon Alerts!

6)  Although you can’t see it doesn't mean you can’t buy it! Did you know people are actually buying homes without even getting inside to see the house because of Coming Soon listings?

7)  Maybe you’re looking at another home in the area and NOT AWARE there’s a better one “Coming Soon”!

8)  Maybe you’re a seller thinking about listing your home and there’s a Coming Soon in the neighborhood you didn’t even know existed!

9)  Often these homes are getting updated so you can research what improvements are being made or maybe they’re in disrepair so you can get rough repair estimates. Any edge helps!

10)  After you’ve registered for my Coming Soon Alerts you can request we find out when the home is expected to start showings! Any notice makes a huge difference! Your schedule is important and you may not be able to wait the day after it’s Active! Alerts help you plan ahead!

When you register below, be sure to give some criteria in the message area for COMING SOON ALERTS. We may send an email back in response to clarify something then we'll leave you alone until you're ready! A simple email or call to us and we're off and running! 

    If you already have hired an agent to assist you, please don't request our Coming Soon Alerts because your agent can provide you this service.
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What are the Triangle MLS rules on "Coming Soon" signs? There are TWO ways to handle coming soon. Let me explain...

1 - Withhold from Market 

  • Submit a Certification to Withhold from MLS if the seller does not want the property data entered into MLS. The Certification notice must be sent to the TMLS Compliance Department within two business days of the contract. When using the Certification to Withhold:  The agent may show the property.
  • The agent/firm may advertise the property by any means they desire, including a sign.
  • The listing will NOT appear on IDX websites, or any other advertising portal which the firm advertisers it's listings through TMLS.
  • A Certification to Withhold just keeps the listing a "secret" from the MLS.
  • The days on market are accumulating so if/when the listing is entered into the MLS all LADOM days will be reflected. For example, an agent lists a property on Oct 1 but sends in a Certification to Withhold form. On Oct 16 the listing is entered into TMLS. The listing will reflect LADOM = 16 and CDOM = 16. 

This is more of a "pocket listing" in that agent can still show house but limits the number of people that know it exists and in my view only helps the listing agent and no real advantage to the seller. 

 2 - Temporary off Market - "Coming Soon" listings are far more prominent because it doesn't show days on market and the agent is allowed to enter the property data in MLS.

  • Enter the property data into the MLS and place the listing in a Temp-Off-Market status.
  • The agent/firm may advertise the property by any means they desire.
  • The listing data will NOT be sent to IDX websites, or any other advertising venue by TMLS.
  • The property may not be shown to any potential buyers while the listing is in this status. This means no showings and no open house. The showing instructions must reflect "no showings". Agent and even Public remarks may indicate the date when showings may be scheduled. "No showings until Oct 1." or "Showings will begin Oct 1."
  • The days on market are NOT accumulating so when the listing is moved to an Active status LADOM = 1. For example, an agent lists a property on Oct 1 and puts the listing in the MLS with a Temp-Off-Market status on Oct 2. LADOM will = 1 Day When the listing is moved to Active on Oct 16th, LADOM = 1. For MLS purposes, the property is not considered Active if it is not available for showings BUT WILL BE IN OUR COMING SOON ALERTS! REGISTER BELOW AND GET YOUR ALERTS!