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    Private Pool Home Search Raleigh Triangle Area | I've created a search for the buyer that requires an private pool already in place. If you're on a PC you'll find two separate "Private In-ground Pool" searches from TWO different IDX systems. Why have a pool in your yard? What are the benefits, considering the obvious negatives, such as pool cost, fencing, increased insurance liability, maintenance and repair cost? Well, the main benefits of buying a house with an existing pool is saving the big bucks someone else has already spent! First off...don't consider a pool if you're not going to use it, but if you're a swimmer there are some benefits.
  • Fitness - Aquatic exercise is low impact and one of the best form of exercise if done consistently. Having a pool should help.
  • Mental Health and Relaxation - What better way of unwinding from a stressful day or week, then by relaxing by your pool on a moonlit night? Floating in a pool is one of the most relaxing feelings one can enjoy. It's funny how much time people spend at a pool when there on vacation. Now you know why!
  • Privacy - Being able to do the items listed above in privacy and quiet cannot be understated. No screaming kids unless their yours or your friends.
  • Control of cleanliness - I don't think this needs explaining, but I'll do it anyway. You control who's in your pool, how many is in your pool and who is making sure it's chemicals are prepared adequately to maintain the pools water. I read a study recently that the CDC said 58% of public pools contained fecal matter.
  • Bonding with family and friends - If you and the kids are outside during these summer days and nights in your pool, instead of inside watching TV or playing video games, it should allow for better sleep and clearly more bonding time with the family. Those grill-outs seem much more entertaining with your friends and family, even if the adults don't get in the pool!
  • Sleep better - Natural physical fatigue from playing in the pool all day makes for better sleep. Also, cool water lowers your body temperature which forces you the expend energy.
  • Vitamin D - While being too much in the sun can be harmful, lack of vitamin D can create all types of health issues.

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